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The greatest gift we can give is to inspire those who will one day replace us.  The Gathering of Eagles Foundation provides this by sharing the stories of Legends in Air, Space, and Cyber power

The Gathering of Eagles program dates back over 35 years of bringing together aviation pioneers and airpower legends to share their experiences of adversity, their victories, and their legacies, further enhancing student leadership, airmanship, and historical educational experience.


The Gathering of Eagles event traces its origin back to 1980 when retired Brigadier General Paul Tibbets was invited to ACSC to share his experiences with the students, faculty, and staff.
- The first official Gathering of Eagles (then known as “Great Moments
in Aviation History”) was held in 1982 when a small faculty and student group developed an aviation heritage program. This initial cadre designed a program encouraging the study of aviation history and the contributions of aviation pioneers.
- Some legendary figures who have served as Eagles include Jimmy
Doolittle, Curtis LeMay, Chuck Yeager, Gail Halverson (the Candy
Bomber), Paul Tibbets, Robin Olds, Neil Armstrong, George H. W.
Bush, John Glenn, and Bud Day.

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Bradley Poronsky



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Ashley Ritzert

Foundation President.


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Daniel Connors

Vice President.


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