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"Turn In...Fight's On" print signed by the artist Ronald Wong.

Subscription reads, "The 95th Fighter Squadron "Boneheads" is a training unit in the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.  The squadron trains pilots to fly and fight in the F-15C Eagle, the twin-tailed fighter jet with the most distinguished combat record in the history of air warfare.  First activated in 1942 on the plains of North Africa, the squadron participated in the historic attacks on the Ploesti oil refineries in 1943.  By the end of World War II, the 95th tallied over 400 victories, including 199 air-to-air kills.  The present squadron was activated at Tyndall in 1974 and started flying the F-15C in 1988.  The iconic "Mr. Bones," a white skull wearing a black top hat and monocle, is pictured on a blue disc with yellow border.  The unit shield shows Death's head rising from a cloud with an arrogant expression, symbolic of the squadron's dauntless ability to accomplish the mission anywhere, anytime."

F-15 Signed Artwork

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