2013 Lithograph

Honoring Legacies...Forging the Future


Honored Eagles: Robert "Danny" Berg; Richard E. "Dick" Cole; Ramon Colon-Lopez; George E. "Bud" Day (unsigned), Scott Fales; James H. Flatley III.; Ron R. Fogleman; Robert A. "Bob" Hoover; Pearl Judd; Charles E. McGee; Frank Murray; Stanton R. "Stan" Musser; Donald Strait; Raymond "Donk" Strasburger; Dennis "Bud" Traynor; Wesley Wells

2013 Signed Lithograph

  • Each GOE Lithograph encompasses a center piece that commemorates each of the selected Eagles’ contributions to airpower against a backdrop that celebrates a significant historical operation or battle. Surrounding the center piece are artistic self portraits which are individually signed by the Eagles themselves

  • Only under circumstances of error (ex: wrong item ordered/shipped) will GOE accept returns and/or distribute refunds. These will be handled on a case by case basis